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Micromatix’s aim is to offer state of the art solutions for Enterprises of all Sizes

Micromatix has been founded by Industry Leaders who have very good expertise and experience in Product Development, Software Solutions Development, Engineering, System Integration and Implementation of Process Control and Automation Systems in many industries in countries like India, Malaysia, Germany, US and Canada. Micromatix is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company designing and developing advanced Products and Enterprise Solutions using Barcode, RFID and IIoT technologies. Micromatix’s Products and Solutions help companies in their Digital Transformation journey, adopt Industry 4.0 practices and cut costs, optimize their business operations and maximize their profits. 

We are very committed to constantly bringing in INNOVATION in our Products, Systems and Solutions that will help the Growth Objectives of our Customers besides being competitive ourselves. With a large push being given to the Healthcare sector, Micromatix will be offering very innovative solutions in the Healthcare space which will benefit Millions of People in many countries across the Globe. These solutions will facilitate bringing Quality and Affordable Healthcare even to Remote Villages and Rural Areas.

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Solutions Offered by Micromatix

Micromatix has developed an advanced, fully scalable and customizable application framework which can be used in many industrial applications (using Barcode, Passive and Active RFID tags) for tracking People, Material and Machines. Enterprise Mobility solutions are being offered for many industrial applications such as Field Inspection, Asset Tracking, Maintenance Management, Inventory / Warehouse Management, Sales & Dispatch with backend ERP systems from vendors like SAP, Oracle and others.


XCELtracker is a simple, easy-to-use and powerful application framework that can track People, Materials, and Assets.

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All types of industries (such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, Warehousing, Distribution etc) need flexible,...

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iQVista is a powerful, customizable and highly scalable framework for all types of remote monitoring applications. iQVis...

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Energy & Resource Monitoring

This solution is for Enterprise wide Energy and Resources monitoring. Electrical Energy of equipment available in variou...

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Track and Trace Solutions

The Digital Transformation Drive happening in all industries requires all processes happening in a company to be tracked...

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Custom Solutions

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, our application framework can be customized and offered to numerous applic...

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Products offered by Micromatix

Barcode Readers

A variety of Barcode Readers are available for scanning 1D and 2D barcodes. Depending on the requirement, Tethered or Wireless Barcode Readers, Fixed or Handheld readers can be offered.

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Passive RFID Tags

There are hundreds of variety of RFID tags (HF and UHF) are available. Micromatix will thoroughly study and analyze the customer’s requirement and propose the appropriate type of tags that can be used...

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Passive RFID Readers

Passive HF/UHF Readers, RFID Portals, Handheld Devices with HF/UHF Readers can be offered depending on the requirement.

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Active RFID Tags

For implementing sophisticated tracking applications, Active RFID tags or BLE Tags have to be used. These tags are powered with a Battery which can last for few years. The beacon or heart beat frequen...

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Active RFID Readers

When Active RFID Tags or BLE tags are used, special type Active RFID Tag readers have to be used. Here again Fixed Readers or Handheld devices with Active readers can be offered.

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Barcode Label Printers

Most of the tracking applications will involve creating barcode labels and applying them on to Items. This label could contain multiple data in barcode form and human readable form which will be paste...

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RFID Printers

RFID Printers also create barcode labels similar to the Barcode printers mentioned above. The difference is, the RFID printers in addition to creating barcode labels, they will also encode data in the...

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Handheld Computers

Handheld computers with barcode and/or RFID readers can be offered for applications like Inventory management, Asset Inspection, Maintenance Management, Items Picking and Dispatch etc. These computers...

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IIoT LoRaWAN Gateway

The LoRaWAN Gateway can be used for acquiring data from hundreds or even few thousand sensor nodes with LoRaWAN interface. Based on the power level, this gateway can acquire data from sensors within a...

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IIoT LoRaWAN Sensor Nodes

Many types of wireless sensor nodes are available and these nodes can be have interfaces like RS232 and RS485 so that it can be connected to PLCs, RTUs, Energy Meters, Intelligent Electronic Devices e...

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Edge Computing Devices

For many types of demanding IIoT applications, Edge computing devices are required wherein data from many sensors and plant floor systems have to be collected and data processing has to be first done...

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eQBrick Nano

This EDGE device is a 32 Bit Microcontroller based system with limited memory and computing power. Still it can function as the IIoT gateway. This product is very useful in implementing very cost effe...

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eQBrick Micro

An EDGE computing device with IIoT gateway powered by a mid range CPU with higher memory and computing power compared to eQBrick Nano. This can be used for medium sized applications when less than 32...

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eQBrick Maestro

A high end EDGE computing device with IIoT gateway which is powered by powerful CPU with large memory and computing power. More than 64 devices can be interfaced with this device and this device can s...

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Now that Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 adoption has gained a very big momentum, Micromatix is introducing a very advanced product called eQPowerBrick. This belongs to the eQBrick family of p...

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Our Expert Team

Our team has architected, engineered, developed and implemented many complex system engineering projects involving various types of Computer Systems, Embedded Systems, Instrumentation, PLC, DCS and SCADA systems in India, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Sivakumar KS Narayanan

Sivakumar KS Narayanan

Founder & CEO

Sivakumar Narayanan is the founder of Micromatix Innovations. Siva is a technology veteran with over 30 years experience in software development.  Siva has extensive experience in custom SCADA systems development, Energy Management Systems, Automated Meter Reading Systems and Remote Telemetry Systems.  He has excellent product development experience and was Product Manager for development of multiple Micro-Computer based systems using real-time operating system such as QNX, Nucleus OS and Windows CE.  He has been actively involved in Sales and Business Development as well.  He has architected and designed Micromatix’s Enterprise Mobility, RFID and IIoT solution frameworks.  Siva had been in North America for more than 12 years and had worked in Companies in USA. He headed and founded companies in USA and Canada.



Vice President (Business Development)

Nandakumar is a dynamic, Result oriented, Innovative seasoned Visionary, Technologist, Consultant, Coach, and Trainer with more than 30 years of highly accomplished experience in Automation, Professional Training, Project Management, Business Development, Sales & Service Management, and Career Guidance functionaries. Nandakumar has expertise in Industrial Automation, Process Control, Enterprise Management, Industrial Intelligence, IIoT, Enterprise Mobility, Personality, and Professional Development Training, Performance & Talent Management spaces.


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