Micromatix is looking for Partners for growing our customer base and expand our business across India and other Countries. Multiple types of Partnering is possible such as Business Referral Partners, Reseller Partners, System Integrator Partners and OEM Partners. Please fill up your details and our Sales Team will be glad to get in touch with you.

Independent Business Associates (IBA)

Micromatix is looking for industry professionals with sales background who have excellent industry contacts who could help to take our solutions to customers in various markets. These Business Associates will receive Commissions when orders are booked. Micromatix will provide orientation to IBAs so that they can explain about our solutions to their Industry contacts. Micromatix will provide necessary presales support, conduct presentation, demo etc to the prospects.

Business Partners (BP)

Micromatix is also looking for business partners who have established companies and who are already selling various types of hardware and software products that do not compete with Micromatix’s Products and Solutions. They could partner with us and expand their business. BPs will purchase the products and solutions from Micromatix and resell to their clients.

System Integrators (SI)

System Integrators are typically EPC companies or companies working with Federal and State government agencies and execute large projects. Micromatix will be glad to partner with the SIs and offer our Products, Solutions and Services.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

There are many OEMs manufacturing diverse range of sophisticated machines or Special Purpose Machines. With the Industry 4.0 adoption gaining momentum, OEMs have to make their machines more intelligent, provide abilities for remote monitoring and diagnostics. Micromatix has created a powerful and customizable application framework called iQVista. Using this application framework OEMs can build very advanced capabilities in their machines.

Interested in partnering with Micromatix?