iQVista is a powerful, customizable and highly scalable framework for all types of remote monitoring applications. iQVista uses  technologies like web based Remote Monitoring, LoRaWAN based Wireless, Mobile Computing devices, Smart Phones, various types of Wireless Sensors, Remote I/O Modules and Edge Computing  devices.  Data from existing PLC, DCS and other I/O devices can also be collected and integrated with this system. Data gathered from different sites or systems can be easily unified, structured and organized in the system database. For simple applications data can be simply uploaded to the cloud server. Whereas for demanding applications, the can be unified and grouped in the Central server. System supports multiple user categories and privilege levels so that Plant managers, maintenance people as well as Senior Management can conveniently access, analyze and visualize the performance data and perform high end plant analytic functions. iQVista can be offered with a business intelligence engine and users can dynamically generate various types of reports.