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XCELtracker is a simple, easy-to-use, and powerful application framework that can track People, Materials, and Assets. This system can be used for Asset Management applications from cradle to grave for all types of Industries. This application comes with standard modules and a set of optional modules and customers can choose the optional modules depending on their needs.

XCELtracker can track company employees as well as contract workers.  All items can be tagged with barcode labels and /or RFID tags. For People tracking Badges are offered. Multiple types of RFID technologies can be used depending on customer requirements. For Capital assets, the system can handle assets that are owned by the client as well as the ones that are leased in. Financial Depreciation can be applied and clients can keep track of the “real value” of the assets and their net worth. This solution is fully scalable and can be easily customized to meet specific customer requirements. The system can be used to track assets that are present in just one facility as well as assets that are stored at multiple locations.