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Technologies like IIoT is fairly new and many companies still do not have a clear picture as to what this is and how it could help them to cut operation costs and increase the bottom lines of their business. Though RFID technology has been there for a while still many companies have not started adopting this in a big way. Micromatix conducts ONSITE and OFFSITE training programs to CORPORATES so that their Operation, Maintenance, and Process team can understand them and start taking advantages of these technologies. Now there is a very strong trend in all industries to achieve DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION in their businesses. This requires companies to implement Barcode, RFID, and IIoT based solutions in various processes in their plants. During this training program, Micromatix will also show a real-life demo of simple solutions using these technologies.

This Corporates Training program will let the Managers and Senior Managers of their companies to design, implement, install and commission both RFID and IIoT based systems properly. Particularly multiple vendors could be involved in implementing advanced systems. This training program will let the managers to clearly define the scope of each vendor and make the implementation simple and help to reduce the project risks.

Duration of the Corporate Training Program : 3 Days

If you are interested in our training program, please contact us in These programs can be conducted at our facility as well as at your Corporate Office location / Factory Location. Interested Companies can submit the details in the form below. Micromatix will get in touch with you to take it further.


Students & Experienced Engineers

The Adoption of INDUSTRY 4.0 and DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION practices are expected to happen at a very fast rate and this offers excellent opportunities for Students / Fresh Graduates as well as Experienced Engineers. Micromatix is offering advanced training programs so that the participants can have detailed understanding of these technologies.

This training program will be a great opportunity for the experienced engineers who are looking to switch their careers to working in RFID and IIoT Domains. Contents of this program (both Classroom and Laboratory sessions) have been carefully designed by Experts so that the participants can gain very good theoritical knowledge and practical experience.

Interested Participants can fill up the details and book their participation by submitting this form and making an advance payment.

Duration of the Training Program : 3 Months


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